Wood is good 

since 1992

Ian "Elrod" Settles

First Team Wood and Caption of the 2001 squad. Ian lives in La Canada, California and has already made room for a wood ball in his trophy case. *At left: poised for shagging.

Andrew Kells

Andrew was born 6\19\90. Has been a Woody Ballboy every year there have since 1998. A straight A sixth grader at Del Mar Middle School in Tiburon, Ca. , he loves all sports, video games and movies. He qualified for NCTA 12 and under zonal team in 2001 and starts the 2002 season as an 11 year old ranked #25 and beat the #8 ranked player in his first tourney of the year. Andrew also loves golf and may someday try a tourney in that also.

Garrett Yardumian

Another of our seasoned veterans of grass court wood tennis, Garrett finds time for tennis between his football and soccer schedule and lives in Rancho Palos Verdes, California. 13 years old and wants to go to college on a tennis scholarship.

Spencer Hing

Spencer Hing was born January 21, 1990, in Davis, California. He moved to AZ with his family at the tender age of 6 months. The change of climate at such a young age has led to his continuous desire to shed clothing (just like his mom). Although blessed with magical hands and good speed, tennis has not been Spencer's passion. Instead, his heart lies with painting, sculpting and video games. Spencer is an independent and sensitive child with a quick wit who is fun to be around. The highlight of his tennis year is always the Woody where the ball bounces the right height, the fall is cushioned and ballboying (ballpersoning?) is an art.

Marissa Bullock

Three years as ball girl Marissa lives in Apple Valley, California with Debbie and Matt. 12 years old, she wants to be a professional tennis player and the first woman to bring home the wood. *First to break Woody gender barrier (ball girl, 1999)

Grayson Frazier

Grayson will be in his third year as a Woody Ball boy. He has finished his first tournament is focusing on meditation for his next berakthrough performance.

Courtney Bryon

Daniels, Jr.

Granville Swope 5

*Seen here in 2004 (3 yrs. old) It's a long waiting list.