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2013 Review

Ross Hessler & Grayson Frazier

defeat Spencer Hing - Granville Swope

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Friday rounds began in the high 90's and continued the same through the preliminary round robin rounds Saturday and into eve. Evening gusts of 80 mph foretold the coming storm. Age vs. beauty; Hessler - the cagey 2x 50's national men's double player, and Frazier - the 2nd year Glendale colleget player looking to carve out some wood two match his father three balls. Match time took backseat to temperature and round as heat took it's toll. Saturday morning, Joe Schartman drops out of the draw - (eighth player in total dropping out in the last two weeks for various reasons. ) Jarrod Hing (15) was ready to step in becoming only the second junior player to compete in the tournaments history AND pitting three Hing's in the same draw simulataneously, another Woody first.

Special Thanks to musical guest Stephen Byrum.

Semi Finals:

Hessler/Frazier def. Greg Hing/Ted Cramer 8-3

Spencer Hing/Swope def. Yukawa/Kevin Frazier 8-4

Grayson Frazier takes home the wood in his first Woody appearance...as a player. He began his wood training as a ballboy.

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