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WCT 1972 Dallas Laver Rosewall DVD and Wood Tennis Racket - SCARCE

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Rosewall may just be the GOAT

The DVD contains partial match highlights for one of the most famous matches in tennis history.

This complete match is not available anywhere so this DVD is a highly sought after collectible and great video of the two players with the most championships.

The racket is a great collectible representing this era where two of the greatest tennis players of all time battled.

A nice display representing the late wood racket era, which Laver and Rosewall help closeout.

Many believe Rod Laver is the greatest of all time (GOAT) and others pick Ken Rosewall, both careers far eclipse the championships and career wins of Federer.

Great set to get someone who enjoys tennis history, which can be displayed and played with this combo.

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